Calling all Sex and the City fans! You might have heard there is a reboot coming of your favourite show. Why not celebrate its comeback with a Sex and the City inspired trip to NYC? You can shop ‘till you drop, eat at amazing restaurants and treat the city like your playground as you hop between all of the infamous filing locations. Pack your bags and get ready to set out into the world of Carrie,Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda.

sex and the city NYC tour


It’s no big secret that the girls of Sex and the City love to shop, and NYC is the perfect place to treat yourself to some high price tag, designer goodies. Plan to spend an afternoon (or two) living a life of luxury and visiting all of the girls favourite NYC shops.

Manolo Blahnik- 31 West 54th Street

Every big Sex and the City Fan remembers when Carrie admits to spending $40 000 on shoes. Her expensive shoe collection becomes an ongoing gag throughout further episodes, meaning that no Sex and the City travel guide would be complete without a trip to one of her favourite shoe stores- Manolo Blahnik. You might remember one episode in particular where Carrie has to create a registry at Manolo to replace her shoes after they were taken at a baby shower. Interestingly, this episode supposedly led to an increase in real woman creating birthday registries for themselves- how cool is that?

Tiffany & Co.- 727 Fifth Avenue

Every designer jewellery fiend absolutely must visit the flagship Tiffany & Co. on Fifth Avenue, but Sex and the City fans also have major reason to window shop for diamonds. Trey asks Charlotte to marry him by suggesting that they “go in and pick out the most beautiful ring they have”. Obviously she says yes, (or “all righty”, as it were) and the two made their engagement official.

The Pleasure Chest- 156 Seventh Avenue South

Those who aren’t afraid of little adult adventure and self indulgence will love adding this funny filming location to their itinerary. After a dry spell, Miranda decides to treat herself to an adult toy called “The Rabbit. Eventually, all of the girls decide that they want their own toys and they all go “rabbit hunting” at this luxury take on an adult toy store.

Prada Flagship Store- 575 Broadway

You might remember Carrie trying to get her boyfriend Jack Berger to purchase “the most fabulous shirt for men who never say fabulous” at Prada. Well this episode was filmed right at the Prada Flagship store on Broadway. Whether you want to hunt down a fabulous shirt of your own or just take some pictures outside, this shopping destination is a must.


When the girls aren’t shopping, they can often be found on dates at lavish locations around the city, or treating themselves to a sweet treat. Don’t miss the opportunity to eat your meals at some of these Sex and the City hotspots during your trip to NYC.

Magnolia Bakery- 401 Bleecker Street

Perhaps the most popular Sex and the City inspired destination in NYC, Magnolia Bakery is the place where Carrie and Miranda stop for cupcakes as they discuss Miranda’s crush on Aidan. If you do plan to visit, make sure you give yourself lots of time, the Bakery has become so popular since its TV debut that they needed to hire a bouncer to manage the long lineups!

Onieal’s Restaurant and Bar- 174 Grand Street

You might recognise this Soho bar as “Scout”, the bar that Steve and Aidan own, named after Steve’s dog. This is a staple frequent filming location, so you absolutely need to stop in for a pint or pub food while you’re in the city.

Il Cantinori- 32 East 10th Street

Celebrate like Carrie on her 35th birthday at this fabulous Tuscan restaurant in Greenwich Village. She never got to eat her meal since all of her friends were late, but you should certainly plan to- it’s delicious! For the full birthday experience, you could also make a pitstop at El Cantinoro, the Mexican restaurant down the street where Stanford thought they were supposed to be meeting.

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When you’re not eating a Sex and the City inspired meal, or running around NYC with arms full of shopping bags, fill your itinerary with some of the gang’s favourite pastimes.

Go Shopping at Zabar’s- 2245 Broadway

When Charlotte converted to Judaism, she needed to shop for brisket and matzo ball ingredients in preparation for her first Shabbat dinner with Harry. She did this shopping at Zabar’s and thankfully, you can shop here too! While you might not have much need for groceries on your vacation, you can always pop in to pick up an afternoon snack or two, or simply pose with the sign outside- it’s up to you.

Play Some Pool at Slate- 54 West 21st Street

Spend your evening shooting pool at the same location where Carrie, Miranda, Samantha, Aidan, and Steve go after Steve’s testicular surgery. You might remember Carrie’s attempt to lighten the mood when she says “balls are to men what purses are to women. It’s just a little bag, but we’d feel naked in public without it.”

Drink a Cosmopolitan at Stanhope Hotel- 995 Fifth Avenue

You cannot have a Sex and the City themed holiday without drinking a cosmopolitan- it’s the girls’ staple. But if you’re looking for a little twist on the drink, why not visit the Stanhope’s Library Bar ? They have reinvented the cocktail as an homage to the show and it’s timing location status. You might remember the Stanhope Hotel as the place where Carrie wrote her column while Andy refinishes her flooring.

Go to The Metropolitan Opera- 30 Lincoln Center Plaza

Dress in your finest threads (though it doesn’t have to be quite on par with Carrie’s Oscar de la Renta dress) and spend the night at the Opera. Just be sure not to faint! If you really want to take the Sex and the City approach to your evening, you can even stop at McDonalds afterwards!

Catch a Foreign Film at the Paris Theatre- 4 West 58th Street

You might remember this humble single-screen theatre from the episode where Carrie spends her Saturday night alone watching foreign films, more specifically, Joie Pour Deux. If you do choose to visit the Paris Theatre, you might want to brush up on your French skills first, since many of the screenings are shown in their original language.

Become an Art Critic at Louis K. Meisel Gallery- 141 Prince Street

When Charlotte and Trey decide to focus on trying to get pregnant, Charlotte gives up her career as a gallerist at the Louis K. Meisel Gallery. She tries to fill the void left from her love for this job by glazing potter at Color Me Mine in Tribeca, but ultimately still misses it. Why not see what all the fuss is about and visit the gallery for yourself?

Color Me Mine in Tribeca.- 123 Baxter Street

If we mentioned the before, we’d be reticent not to mention the after. Why not try your hand at Charlotte’s favourite pastime? Plan a visit to Color Me Mine in Tribeca and you can craft and glaze pottery to your heart’s content.

Sit on Carries’s Front Steps- 66 Perry Street

Of course, we had to end with a bang. You cannot complete your Sex and the City themes trip to the Big city without a visit to one of the most iconic locations on the show- Carrie’s apartment. While you’re not able to go inside, visit the front steps, sit for a quick moment and snap a few shots. You’ll feel just like Carrie herself!


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