About Dreamers who Travel

After enduring a challenging period, our visionary founder, Caroline, discovered the power to pursue her dreams and Dreamers Who Travel was born—a travel-inspired brand committed to making a positive impact. Travel, with its ability to transport, create cherished memories, and connect people to new horizons, became the driving force behind Caroline's mission.

Caroline curated a range of products designed to share the love of travel and evoke a perpetual sense of wanderlust—even when physical travel may not be possible. Drawing from her extensive entrepreneurial background, which includes ownership of multiple businesses, Caroline's passion for both business and travel converged, leading to the launch of an online shop teeming with products for fellow dreamers always yearning for their next adventure.

Yet, not everyone has the opportunity to travel extensively, and we understand the importance of cherishing moments closer to home. However, that should never hinder your dreams; in fact, we believe it's crucial to keep dreaming alive. For it is through dreams that plans are born, and plans transform into reality.

So, keep dreaming of travel, appreciating the world, and savoring life's simple pleasures at your own pace. Our travel prints, crafted with love, cater to both city enthusiasts and beach lovers, serving as a reminder to nurture your wanderlust.

We pride ourselves on collaborating with ethical manufacturers, ensuring every product is printed to order here in the UK, eliminating excess waste, and promoting international shipping. Moreover, our commitment to sustainability extends to our plastic-free packaging.

At Dreamers Who Travel, giving back lies at the heart of our ethos. That's why a portion of every sale goes toward supporting global charities and causes dedicated to preserving the beauty of our shared world—the very world we call home.