When, after a tough few months, Caroline Towers came up with the idea to follow her own dreams and create Dreamers who Travel, a travel-inspired fashion and home brand who are also dedicated to doing good and giving back.

About Dreamers who Travel

Travel takes you away, gives you memories you will treasure forever and connects with you new parts of the world.

Caroline created products to help share this love of travel and the constant feeling of wanderlust - Even if you're not travelling anywhere. Caroline (alongside her boyfriend Keil) owns multiple businesses. This love of business and travel brought her to launch an online shop full of products for those also who are always dreaming of the next adventure.

About Dreamers who Travel

The thing is, not everyone is fortunate to travel all of the time, we love spending time closer to home too. That doesn't mean you ever need to stop dreaming, in fact, we believe it's important to always keep dreaming.

Keep dreaming of travel

It's important to dream, take in the world and enjoy life at a little bit of a slower pace sometimes. Enjoy the little pleasures in life and live your life to the fullest.

About Dreamers who Travel

Whether you love the city or the beach we've created t-shirts, sweatshirts and home accessories such as wall prints and mugs which you will love and will help you to keep your dreams alive.

About Dreamers who Travel

We work with ethical manufacturers, print everything to order here in the UK which means there is never any excess waste and ship everything around the world free from plastic.

At Dreamers who Travel giving back is always at the core of what we do. This is why a percentage of sales goes to global charities and causes who are working to conserve this beautiful world which we all reside in.



Hi, I'm Caroline the founder of Dreamers who Travel!

I've always loved to travel, in fact, I went on my first holiday when I was about 6 months old.  I was so fortunate to travel a lot when I was a child & I've continued this as an adult - Although I realised it's not always possible to travel all the time with adult responsibilities!

I am a dreamer & travel is always high on my list of things to dream about!

2019 was a rubbish year & so I decided to open Dreamers who Travel as a travel boutique to cheer me up & bring a little bit of joy into life.

Alongside Dreamers who Travel I am the founder of The Content Edit where I educate & coach female business owners (sharing many of the lessons I've learnt in this business), I am also the co-founder of Voltage Sport with my boyfriend Keil who is also part of Dreamers who Travel & a huge supporter of all my crazy business ideas!

I am also a Girl About Ambassador, sharing the best parts about where I live, West Yorkshire.

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