Spooky Home Decor Ideas For Halloween

Spooky Home Decor Ideas For Halloween - Dreamers who Travel

As the end of October nears, it's time for pumpkin spice lattes, crisp autumnal breezes, and the anticipation of Halloween. Whether you're looking to throw a ghoulish get-together or simply change up your living space with the spirit of the season, we have some spine-chilling decor ideas for you.

Pumpkin Parade

Nothing says Halloween quite like pumpkins. But instead of the usual jack-o-lantern, why not try:

  • Velvet pumpkins: These plush, richly-coloured pumpkins add an elegant touch.
  • Painted pumpkins: Think matte black, gold, or even chalkboard paint for guests to scribble spooky messages.

The Salem Wall Print

Salem's history, shrouded in mystery, tragedy, and tales of witchcraft, serves as the perfect backdrop for any Halloween setting. Our print, capturing the town's eerie essence, acts as a captivating conversation starter, and sets the tone for a chilling evening.

Salem Wall Print

Styling Tip: Place the Salem wall print in a distressed wooden frame and hang it above your mantelpiece or in your entryway to greet guests with a touch of historical horror.


    Candlelit Corners

    Use candles of varying heights and widths, preferably in shades of black, orange, and deep purple. Vintage candelabras or tarnished silver candle holders add an antique, ghostly vibe.

    Styling Tip: Pair the Salem wall print with flickering candlelight. The dancing shadows will bring out the nuances in the print, amplifying the spook factor.

    Gothic Glam with Fabrics

    Use dark drapes, lace tablecloths, or velvet cushions to add a gothic feel. Consider hanging sheer black curtains or draping cobwebs to create that abandoned haunted house look.

    Bewitching Botanicals

    Dry out roses, thistles, or twigs and present them in ornate vases. You could also scatter autumn leaves around your space.

    Spellbinding Stationery

    Why not write out your own 'spells' or 'potions' and display them in ornate frames? Use old parchment and burnt edges to give them a centuries-old look.

    Eerie Elixirs

    Decorate a corner of your home with 'witch's potions'. Use old glass bottles filled with coloured water, and label them with names like "Raven's Blood" or "Goblin's Glee".

    Macabre Mantelpiece

    Pair the Salem wall print with other historical items – old books, a skull, an hourglass, or even a vintage broomstick – to create a witchy vibe.


    Get Creative

    Halloween is the perfect occasion to let your imagination run wild and create a world where history, horror, and art intertwine. With the Salem wall print as your centrepiece, you're well on your way to crafting a haunted home that's as sophisticated as it is spooky.

    Dare to decorate and have a bewitching Halloween!

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