Deck the Walls with Destinations: Styling Tips for Your Travel Prints

Deck the Walls with Destinations: Styling Tips for Your Travel Prints - Dreamers who Travel

Whether you're a seasoned traveller with a passport full of stamps or someone who dreams of far-off places from the comfort of their sofa, travel prints offer a unique way to bring the world to your living space. As we say at Dreamers Who Travel, your walls are a canvas waiting to tell tales of distant shores and vibrant cities.

But how do you style these prints to truly capture the essence of your adventures (or dream destinations)? Dive in as we explore some top styling tips to help you deck your walls with destinations.

Marbella Travel print

Create a Travel Wall Gallery

Mix and match prints of varying sizes to create a dynamic gallery wall. Combine close-ups, landscapes, and cityscapes. Remember to maintain a consistent element, like a colour scheme or frame style, to ensure visual harmony.


Play with Layouts

Symmetry is beautiful, but sometimes an off-centred or staggered layout can be even more captivating. Arrange prints in a vertical line to give the illusion of height or in a sweeping curve for a softer, organic feel.

Add 3D Elements

Mix in some 3D travel mementos with your prints. A Venetian mask from Italy, or even a small dreamcatcher from Mexico can add depth and texture to your travel wall.

Think Beyond Walls

Who said travel prints belong only on walls? Consider smaller prints on easel stands for your desk, or even framed prints on floating shelves. Be creative with placement — a narrow vertical print might be perfect for that awkward space beside a door or window.

Light it Right

Accentuate your travel prints with the right lighting. Picture lights or track lighting can enhance the details and colours. Alternatively, soft backlighting can create a stunning silhouette effect.

Pair with Quotes

Add another layer of depth by pairing destinations with inspiring travel quotes. Whether it's the allure of the journey or the joy of memories made, words can beautifully complement the visuals.

Trust Your Instincts

Above all, remember that your space is a reflection of your journey, tastes, and memories. While these tips provide a guideline, the best results come from trusting your instincts and personal style.

With travel prints, you can weave together your own rich memories, one destination at a time. Happy decorating and even happier travels!


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