We know that buying a gift for someone who loves to travel is not always the easiest. They live in a state of wanderlust, are looking for the next adventure and often seem to "have it all." To help you we have selected 10 of the best gift ideas for travel lovers or to treat yourself if you are someone who loves to travel - Or at least is always dreaming about travel.


Whether it's for a birthday, a special occasion or just "because", it's always the best feeling to receive a gift which is related to something you love. Trust us, if you know someone who loves to see the world then they will love to receive a gift which relates to their passion for travel.


10 of the best gifts for travel lovers:

Beach Life Wall Print

For those who love the beach, this coral coloured print looks idyllic in any part of the home. Printed onto bamboo paper, the beach life design is created for anyone who is always dreaming of the beach. You don't need to have a beach house to enjoy this stylish beach-inspired print. It's ideal as a reminder the beach is always waiting.

Explore More Enamel Mug

Encourage them to see even more of the world and "explore more" with this enamel mug. It makes the best gift for anyone who loves a hot drink coupled with a side of adventure. Whether they love to ride the waves or just enjoy being near them, your adventure-loving friend will love drinking from this mug.

Arrival Passport Stamp T-Shirt

Help them to arrive at their next adventure in style with their own Arrival Passport Stamp t-shirt. For anyone who loves to travel, a t-shirt is always essential for warmer climates and to layer under a jacket on cooler days. The white colour also helps to show off their tan when they are back home from the latest adventure.

International Departure Passport Stamp Sweatshirt

Help them to arrive at the airport in comfort and style. The Departure Passport Stamp sweatshirt is the perfect travel companion for anyone heading to the airport. It's soft, fits true to size and is great for when the air conditioning kicks in on the flight. It's popular for an airport outfit and it doesn't take up too much room in the suitcase to have to hand for those cooler evenings when travelling.

A Travel Journal

Got a someone who loves to write to buy a gift for? A travel journal makes a great gift. When you're travelling it can be so easy to move quickly from one place to the next without much thought. Help them to make a record of the memories, they will be glad you did when they can look back in years to come and remember the amazing adventures they went on.


A Gift Voucher

A voucher is always a good option when you're not sure what to get. A gift voucher can make a nice gift whether they have a favourite hotel, airline or they have something planned and they can use your voucher to put towards an experience whilst they will be travelling. Travelling can be costly, so help them out with a gift voucher!


Take them on a day trip

Day trips make the best memories. You don't have to travel far from home to create memories and have a great trip. Treat your person who loves to travel to somewhere closer to home for a day out, explore somewhere new, find a nice restaurant and help them create some wonderful memories for a special occasion. The bonus here is you can always go with them so you get to enjoy this gift as well.

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Palm Sways Water Bottle

It's important to stay hydrated when travelling and the Palm Sways Water Bottle makes a great travel accessory. Ideal for topping up with fresh water ready for a day of adventure or time at the pool. The aluminium bottle keeps the drinks cold which is refreshing when visiting somewhere hot and it also helps to reduce single-use water bottle consumption. This gift is perfect to encourage people to stay hydrated and help the environment at the same time!

A Photo Album

Have a travel lover who loves to always take photos and posts them to their Instagram account? Treat them to a photo album so they can print and save some of their favourite photos from various trips. Although we all live in a digital world right now, it's still nice to have something physical to look back on. A photo album helps to bring those travel memories back to life and can be treasured for years to come.


Let's Travel Places Wall Print

Help them stay inspired with a Let's Travel Places Wall Print. This print is ideal for someone who has seen some of the best cities in the world or who would love to and has them on their bucket list. Printed on bamboo paper the A4 print will look great in any room in the house and makes a wonderful gift for a travel lover to help fuel their constant wanderlust.

There are so many ideas for gifts to get the travel-lover in your life, we are sharing 10 of the best ideas today. There are lots more ideas which can be found in our online shop here to help you find the perfect gift for someone special.

Whether you're shopping for someone who loves the beach, likes to go on an adventure or a person who has no plans but is dreaming of travelling again someday soon then we've given you lots of ideas for them all. If you love to travel then these ideas will also help you to treat yourself or send this to someone you love as a hint!

What gift are you planning on getting or which would you love to receive?

About the author:

Caroline Towers is the founder of Dreamers who Travel.  When not travelling, she is researching & dreaming of the next trip!

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