5 Reasons to Visit Sorrento

5 Reasons to Visit Sorrento - Dreamers who Travel

Although there is no denying that Italy is packed full of beautiful and interesting places to visit, Sorrento on the Southwest coast is somewhere that everyone should visit at least once. The traditional Italian town is covered with cobblestone streets and stunning orange and lemon trees, with cliff top views of the luxury marinas below. It really is somewhere that has something for everyone, especially those wanting a holiday in the sunshine with more than just a beach to visit.

So, what are the top 5 reasons to visit Sorrento?

The Gorgeous Coastline

There is no denying that all of Sorrento is stunning, but the views from the cliff top to the coastline and the marinas down below are truly breath-taking. From the highs of the cliff tops, you’ll be able to see things like the Sorrentine Peninsula and the Bay of Naples. The sunset is something that has to be experienced from one of the hilltops if you’re in this part of the world and the view of the glamorous marinas below is simply stunning.

Sorrento Coastline

The Shopping Experience

Whether or not you’re into shopping, the shopping experience in Sorrento is something else. Not only are there multiple shops along the coastline, but there are also small alleyways leading to hidden gems of shops that you would not have expected to see there. This part of the world is all about luxury and the shopping experience is no different – with designer handbags, tailor-made sandals and even handcrafted ceramics among the popular items on people's shopping lists.

The Marina

Choose to stay in a yacht overnight or simply go for a stroll along the marina, either way, you’ll see some amazing sights. From here you can book onto a number of excursions, or simply take in the views of these luxury yachts that call Sorrento home.

Sorrento Marina

The Food

Italian food is delicious and Sorrento is no exception. Visit the Piazza Tasso for access to a range of cafes and restaurants that offer traditional Italian food. This area is a popular meeting place so it’s often busy with people, which adds to the traditional feel of the area. The cafes here are well known for their unusual and tasty delicacies, so well worth checking out whilst you’re visiting Sorrento.

The Activities

One of the great things about visiting Sorrento is that there is so much to see and do. Whether you want to visit Capri and take in the stunning views or head to the historic ruins of Pompeii you’ll be well interested. There are even day trips that you can take to nearby towns such as Amalfi and Naples – so you get to experience other parts of Italy while you are here.

There is no shortage of things to do in Sorrento – so stick around and enjoy the town or book a day trip or two elsewhere, either way, you can be confident that this part of the world is the perfect holiday destination for those looking for a trip in the sunshine with plenty to do.

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