Valentine's Day this year is looking a little bit different as we all continue to stay home. That doesn't mean you can't make it a special day or evening. Celebrating love during lockdown could make it the most memorable one yet!

If you're looking for some ideas for things you can do at home with your valentine, here are 10 ideas to help you.

10 ways to celebrate Valentine's Day at home

How to celebrate Valentine's Day at home

Recreate cocktails from your favourite location

Do you have a favourite country you loved to travel together or somewhere on your bucket list? Recreate the cocktails from that country. Researching, ordering your ingredients and making the cocktails together will add to the fun of the evening.

Valentine's Date Night in Lockdown

An evening of pink fizz

Pretend you're in a hotel with a nice bottle of pink fizz to celebrate. Grab a bucket with ice and treat your loved one to champagne in bed when they first wake up. 

Valentine's Date Night in Lockdown
Staycation sweatshirt with the promise of a hotel stay

If you usually go away for a romantic weekend for Valentine's put that on hold and do it later in the year, this way you can spread the love! A staycation sweatshirt from our online boutique will make the perfect accompaniment and remind you both of the weekend away to come.

Restaurant food in a box

Bring your favourite restaurant home and cook a delicious meal. So many restaurants are offering food in a box to recreate their best dishes. Order in advance to get everything you need for a romantic meal delivered to your kitchen.

Valentine's Date Night in Lockdown

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Make S'mores around the firepit

Get some fresh air and pretend your on your travels with S'mores around the firepit. The fire will keep you warm as you enjoy a sweet treat together.

All you need to make S'mores are:

  • Rich Tea biscuits
  • Chunks of milk chocolate
  • Marshmallows

Melt the chocolate and marshmallows over the fire and put them within the biscuits to make a tasty "sandwich".

Valentine's Date Night in Lockdown
Travel related movie night

Pick your favourite film based in a country you can't wait to visit in the future. A few we love with locations to transport you away are Sex in the City to take you to New York, Notting Hill taking you to London and La La Land in Los Angeles!

Valentine's Date Night in Lockdown
A night of Monopoly

Lockdown brought back our love of games night and you can pretend you own some of the best streets in London when you get out your Monopoly board. We love the traditional London one but you can now get Monopoly for so many cities around the world

Valentine's Date Night in Lockdown
A romantic walk

Get yourselves out of the house for a long romantic walk. Find one of your favourite places such as the woods, the park or somewhere with a beautiful backdrop. This way you can spend some quality time together and get those steps in too!

Valentine's day date ideas
A staycation themed box

Valentine's Date Night in Lockdown
If you can't travel bring the idea of travel to you with a staycation box from Lets Date Crate. Their fabulous box includes a night of activities and cocktails to make you feel you are somewhere more tropical than your front room. Spend a few hours dressing up, painting and using the sandpit with a holiday playlist in the background.  It's a great way to mix up those lockdown evenings and provides everything you need for a good time!

Valentine's Date Night in Lockdown
Spa night to relax

Recreate your favourite spa with some of your favourite premium products. A night of relaxation with face masks and massage will help you relax and spend time together.

Valentine's Date date ideas lockdown

Make memories

Whatever you decide to do for Valentine's Day this year by choosing any of the above will help you to celebrate with your Valentine and make it a night to remember!

Which activity will you do to celebrate this year?

This post includes an ad for a PR product from Lets Date Crate. We were sent the product free of charge in exchange for an honest and frank review. All my opinions are our own and in no way have they been swayed by their kind gift. 

About the Author:

Caroline Towers is the founder of Dreamers who Travel.  When not travelling, she is researching & dreaming of the next trip!

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