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Welcome to Dreamers who Travel

Who are Dreamers who Travel?

I actually created the Instagram account from Dreamers who Travel a while ago. I knew I wanted to build a travel-related brand but I hadn't quite worked out how it would work.

Then last year, I went through a pretty tough time & decided it was the time to launch an online boutique with apparel & accessories all inspired by a love of travel.

So that's what I did!

I started with 2 t-shirt collections the Scripted & Passport Stamp. Since then, I've also added some sweatshirts to the Passport Stamp collection & launched the Coral collection which includes wall prints, aluminium bottles & mugs.

I've got lots more exciting ideas which I can't wait to bring life in the future!

My goal was to create a brand for the dreamers.  For those who are always in a state of wanderlust & dreaming of that next trip!


About Caroline


Caroline Dreamers who Travel

I'm Caroline, the founder of Dreamers who Travel. I live in Yorkshire in the UK & alongside this boutique, I run 2 other businesses.

I am the creator of The Content Edit where I teach & coach female business owners to create content online & build an epic business.

I also am the co-founder of Voltage Sport which is an online shop inspired by sport & fitness.

Business is a huge passion of mine & I am really proud of what I've created so far - With lots more to come in the future!

Stay in touch

This feels like only the beginning for Dreamers who Travel, I am so excited to see where the brand goes.

I would love for us to keep in touch!

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About the Author:

Caroline Towers is the founder of Dreamers who Travel.  When not travelling, she is researching & dreaming of the next trip!



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