The Warner Brothers Studio Tour & a visit to Griffith Park in Los Angeles were both high on my bucket list when I last visited Los Angeles. It was such a delight to finally be able to visit them both in the same day!

Griffith Park & Warner Brothers Hollywood

Griffith Park Views

First up was Griffith Park which is home to the Griffith Observatory. It was a busy Sunday morning but fortunately, we found a parking spot and walked up the hill towards the observatory. 

Griffith Park, Los Angeles

The views were absolutely breathtaking. 

Griffith Park, Los Angeles

You could see the whole of LA, including the skyscrapers of downtown and the famous Hollywood sign. It was a clear day & it was stunning, photos really don't do it justice.

Griffith Park, Los Angeles

When we arrived at the observatory we went straight to the roof for even more incredible scenes. There is also a huge telescope up there which is open at night. I can imagine on a clear evening it is a stunning spot to stargaze. We had a wander around the inside of the observatory which is free to go in and has lots of little exhibitions about space.

Griffith Park, Los Angeles

Once we had taken plenty of photos - Of course, now home I wish we had taken even more we went in search of lunch between Griffith Park & Warner Brothers - We had pre-bought our tickets for the studio tour.

We opted for Lemonade as I had seen it mentioned in a few of my favourite blogs. It offers tasty, healthy food & of course, some lemonade!

Warner Brothers Studio Tour

Next, it was time for our Warner Brothers tour. To kickstart the tour with we watched a video about the history of the studios before being taken by our guide on a tram ride around the studio. Our guide was fantastic and full of so much knowledge. We weren’t allowed to film the tour but I took so many photos of some iconic filming locations!

Warner Brothers Studio Tour

We saw many of the outdoor studio locations where TV shows and films were made. Our guide explained how they moved things to get certain looks. One of the street lots we went to was getting prepared for Pretty Little Liars.

Warner Brothers Studio Tour

We were able to walk through some of the different houses and streets which are used for filming. 

Warner Brothers Studio Tour

Friends is one of my favourite TV shows (isn't it everyone's) & I stood on the stairs where Ross comes down for Rachel’s prom in Friends. We also saw the Friends stage (from the outside) and had our photo taken at Central Perk.

Warner Brothers Studio Tour


There were 2 memorabilia collections open on our visit, these change depending on when you go. For us we looked around both we went to see which were for Harry Potter and Batman, which were full of items from the movies.

We were also able to visit 3 real studios which we had sets ready to go. Again these change depending on when you visit. We went to the sets of Two Broke Girls & The Fosters. The latter is filmed in the old ER studio which is one of my all-time favourites!

Finally, we went on the set of Ellen, it was fun to see where her daily show is filmed. We were able to stand on the stage where the intros take place & have a good look around.

I loved this tour as there were so many stories. Countless TV shows and films have been made in these studios. As it was a Sunday there wasn’t much filming taking place so I believe we saw more of the studios than you might if you visit through the week. 

Every tour is different as there’s always something new to go to and different areas to visit. I had a great time & I would love to go again to see some new film & TV sets!

This was certainly a dream day in Hollywood visiting both Griffith Park & the Warner Brothers Studios. If you have a car, it's easy to fit them both in one day & still have time to spare for an evening in LA!


About the Author:

Caroline Towers is the founder of Dreamers who Travel.  When not travelling, she is researching & dreaming of the next trip!

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